Cognitive, Behavior, & Schema Therapy Clinic

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is one of the most effective therapies today. Most effective for Depression & Anxiety Disorders.

All current appointments are now done via teletherapy only

             Insurance Is NOT Accepted.

                  Hourly Rate, In Office:   $235.00

                  Hourly Rate, Out Of Office:  $265.00

Finding the right psychotherapist and/or therapy could be confusing and frustrating. However, CBT, the model of therapy used at this clinic is highly effective. It's a brief therapy model (12-16 weeks). CBT is all about learning effective tools in four major components: Physiology, Emotions, Behaviors and Cognition. It requires lots of take home self-help exercises. This is not a therapy where you sit on the therapist couch (or lay down) and just talk about your past problems. If you are looking to just vent, talk about your week, talk about your childhood and how your parents made you feel, then, this is NOT the right therapy for you.

However, if you are motivated, and you are seriously looking for practical solutions that can help you get rid of your stress, anxiety or depression, then, CBT is the therapy for you.  Please note that almost every other therapist advertises using CBT as a form of treatment. In reality, however, there are very few who truly practice it. In Behavioral Modification, for example, a real CBT therapist goes out with the client to face their fear of driving, germs, people, places, and or go to the home of the client to treat their Agoraphobia. So, make sure you ask them about the details of what they do!!!

Schema Therapy is a fairly modern form of therapy. It's an extension to CBT, however, it's longer in duration, and used for more Chronic Disorders such as Anxiety, Depression, and Personality Disorders. Treatment duration varies from a minimum of 6 months up to 1 year. There are very few therapists, in the Los Angeles area, who specialize in this kind of therapy. It's because it takes a long time to learn and master its tools. So, when you are looking for a Schema Therapist, make sure to ask about their length of time practicing this model.

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